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Why We Do It

Self Healing Collective are deeply passionate about the spiritual evolution of the collective unity of our planet.

Our goal is to assist humanity in raising our vibration so that more love, compassion and positive growth may bloom in our hearts, thus then creating ripple effects that manifest healthy environment on mass scale. We love and respect all life here on Earth.

What We Offer


We believe in Co-creation, we believe in community, we believe in unity and team-work.

Personal Development

We have worked for years on the road of personal growth, overcoming fear, sorrow and helplessness moving into Self confidence, fulfillment and abundance mindset. Now we want to share with you.


Beyond our physical limitations and senses, there is much more. We are all connected with a force that is far beyond physical reality. Connect with this force and you shall know your true powers.

What We Can Do For You

Self Healing Collective are interested in sharing tools that help you master your personal, spiritual and emotional life in such a way that you are empowered for life.

Physical & Emotional Healing

Frequency Based Healing Music

We deliver activation frequencies music specifically for prayer, meditation and balancing the Chakras. We use beautiful nature footage, affirmation photos, and prayers to create a relaxing and loving safe space for you to go deep within yourself. We share our creations for free on our youtube channel. 

Life Changing Information

Modern Science And Ancient Wisdom Combined

How does one create a life of balance, prosperity, connections, and abundance, and at the same time shedding negative habits in a fulfilling way? We provide a library on self healing including; Chakra wisdom, sound healing, the power of prayer and meditation. 

We aim to deliver you information with life changing potential.

Royalty Free Music

We run the website where we offer free music. We regularly upload new music for you who want to create creative content to share with others.

Ready to Make a Change?

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and join our growing self- healing community. Together we are stronger. 

What Our Commuity Say

Examples from our social media channels

This showed up in my feed just now during much upheaval & constriction, conflict etc. This could not be more well-suited or better timing for me. Totally needed.

Many thanks. Listening & meditating immediately! Very good. Subscribed.

This is making me feel stronger, softer yet not pliable to unacceptable/pushy outside influences. I’m feeling less guilt or sense that I’m harming those who try to feed off of empty me daily, instead of standing on their own.

I can stand strong in my good boundaries & take care of myself, gain shelter & my survival needs, without feeling like I’m hurting them by disengaging from their parasitism & neediness/abusiveness. Supremely helpful. Also my lower breathing areas are warming, relaxed & more able to expand with new breath & energy 🙂 At last. This feels so different & good.

Private Person


I appreciate your channel so much! I have been listening to your art for a couple of months now and so much has changed in this time, it’s unbelievable. I have so much more faith in myself now and in fellow beings on this planet, this planet itself and indeed the whole universe.

I was feeling so lost and disconnected my whole life so four months ago I prayed to the universe that I would know love in this life, that I would be mentally healthy and be granted a purpose for the highest good… my prayer was heard and I received all I asked for.

I am so grateful for everything that has been happening lately, although it was difficult. Many repressed dark feelings and memories came up that I had to deal with… but your videos have helped immensely. Thank you.

Private Person


Immediately when I started this video I felt energy filling my body.

It is the same energy I feel flowing through me when I give Reiki to clients and give myself self-healing.

Namasté and may your God go with you.

Private Person

Lightworker, Community

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