Breathwork and spirituality

by | May 24, 2024

Breathwork is an ancient technology of spiritual awakening.

“Breath is our companion – on our travels to deep levels and wide horizons of consciousness – In search of the true self” – Wilfried Ehrmann, Ph.D., Breath is Your Companion

Your breath is the first thing you do as you exit the womb, coming into the web of the human physical life, and it is the last thing you do before you exit your body, and back into Spirit.

The breath is your connection, your holy bridge between body, mind and spirit, between the seen and the unseen, between energy and matter.

Breath is the commonality that unites all life, all beliefs, all doctrines. Within all religion there is the mention of breath as the source of life, of divinity, within you. The Spirit of life lives within the breath. And the breath is something that exists both without you, and within you. It is something that is yours, and belongs to all.

Breath unites all that is, but every being has a way of breathing that is uniquely theirs. There are as many ways of breathing as there are expressions of life. Through our own unique breath we can access the truth and wisdom that goes beyond our current understanding about life. Within every breath nest divine truth, always accessible for those that become aware of it. With every breath, it is an opportunity to live again.

In our society we have a mental understanding that we are breathing air, but science has shown us that air is not nothing. It is  life energy, life force, Spirit in all.

You are breathing the same particles that all the masters, saints and mystics have breathed. Some of the same particles and atoms that all Prophets breathed, are flowing through us right now. Through your breath you are connected to the past, present and future. Everyone and everything that has ever existed and will exist share the same breath.

Your breath connects you to this life, and within your breath all life connects with you.

Breathing is the language of the soul. And the language of the Soul is Love. When you take back the power of your breath, by consciously connecting to it, you get in touch with your core, with love, and through love, you are having a cellular experience of the divine creative energy.

In essence, breathwork serves as a vital tool for spiritual growth and exploration, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and continually evolving in contemporary practices. Its ability to induce spiritual states, promote well-being, and connect individuals to the divine underscores its enduring significance in the realm of spirituality.

Are you ready to experience it? If you want to know the true nature of life, of you, of divinity, (re)connect with your breath.

Allow yourself to explore and find out for yourself what power and truth is hidden with the breath. You are the key, and your breath is your doorway to unlock the connection to your true core, your essence, the all and everything.