Heart Coherence Breathing Meditation

by | Dec 22, 2023

We are lucky to be alive in a time when science is catching up with spirituality, it is a time when the two are merging as one. What makes science based spiritual practices interesting is that they are factual. When we look at spiritual practice from a scientific standpoint we eliminate dogma, maybes and superstition. For what we will be practicing is science, it is truth.

Introduction to Heart Coherence Meditation

Brain and heart coherence is a naturally occurring state that we experience when our heart rhythms are in sync with our brain waves. This state of coherence is often referred to as being in the flow or in the zone. The practice of heart coherence enables us to enter this state whenever we will, creating this state on command. What makes this practice priceless is that it is science-based and has been studied thoroughly, meaning that the benefits received are for everyone as the practice does what it does.

The Science of Coherence

To understand heart coherence we must have a brief look at the human heart. Within the heart there are around 40,000 specialized cells called sensory neurites (these cells are like neurological tissue found in the brain). These cells form what moder science calls the heart-brain, this heart-brain can think, learn and make decisions independent of the brain in our head. The heart and brain primarily communicate through the nervous system, interestingly 90% of the communication pathways run from the heart to the brain and only 10% percent from the brain to the heart. That means that the heart is the real boss, the decision maker if you will. When we create coherence, we are synchronizing these two brains and when this is done correctly it has profound effects on a mental, physical and emotional level. Physically – it is going to repair any damaged tissue and cells, improve our digestion, conserve and raise the body’s energy levels, improve our sleep, boosts our immune system and brings our autonomic nervous system back into balance (the ANS is responsible for around 90% of our body’s involuntary functions such as breathing, elimination and waste, secretion of hormones(feelings/emotions) etc.) Mentally – suppresses the survival centers of the brain (amygdala), improves brain function, improve memory recall, enable us to process thought more clearly, enhance our creativity, shift negative thought patters, improves concentration, improves reasoning ability, improve decision making and promote positive thoughts. Emotionally – it will reduce stress levels, re-sets emotional baseline, create an electromagnetic field that extends out around our body (this is not our aura, it is a field created by the heart when it is rhythmic and orderly) increases our vibrational frequency, effectively turns emotions such as fear and worry into love and joy. Now these are a few of the benefits we will experience from this meditation. It is crucial in the beginning to review our why. If we constantly remind ourselves of all the reasons why we should meditate (which could be the benefits received) then the day will come when the thought of why we should, will become louder than the excuses that arise telling us why we shouldn’t.

How to Create Heart Coherence

It will be wise to get comfortable with each step before we move onto the next. Doing so will ensure greater results. Take our time and be patient with ourselves; eventually all the steps merge into one swift step.

  • Step 1 – begin by slowing our breathing down to five seconds on the inhale and five seconds on the exhale.
  • Step 2 – focus on the area of the heart, imagine/feel the breath coming in and out of the heart/chest area.
  • Step 3 – sincerely try to feel an elevated emotion such as love, joy, compassion or gratitude.
  • Step 4 – hold and focus on that feeling within your heart space and maintain slow rhythmic breathing.
  • Step 5 – send that energy to any part of your body that may need healing.
  • Step 6 – send that energy out beyond your body to all of life.


If we find it difficult to concentrate on the area of the heart, that’s okay, simply place your hand over your heart and your awareness will naturally be guided to the area being touched. For us to create an elevated emotion we may use what is called an emotion provoking thought. This may be the thought of how much you love a pet, a family member. You could think of a joyful event from your past or you could even use a possible future experience that you would love to experience such as a vacation or new adventure. We will use thought in the same manner as we would use a lighter to light a fire. We use a lighter (thought) to light the fire (emotion). Once the fire is lit you set the lighter down and enjoy the heat of the fire, likewise once we create a feeling using a thought, we let the thought go and embrace and focus on the feeling. Every step is going to benefit us greatly. This is important to know as if we can only master the first two steps in the beginning, we are still going to get wonderful benefits such as calming the mind and creating more order within our autonomic nervous system.

Possible Inspiration and Motivation

It is by cultivating and creating elevated emotions that we activate our heart center. When the heart center becomes activated, we become more patient, present and loving. In fact, when this center becomes activated, it will begin to influence our thoughts, they will become more loving and harmonious. (tip for when were stuck in negative thought patters) It is this energy created by the heart that will also begin to heal our bodies. When we experience more survival-based emotions such as anger or guilt, these very emotions begin to consume our bodies energy and resources and it turns them into chemistry, cortisol and adrenaline. The reverse is also true, when we elevate our emotion, and begin to feel love and joy then we create energy and begin to secrete hormones such as oxytocin (love hormone) and Dhea (growth hormone) this has been measured in numerous studies. We will notice instantaneous changes in our energy levels and thought formulation once we begin to elevate our emotions. When we create heart coherence, we raise our vibrational frequency. When we raise our frequency, we raise the frequency of the collective. the more people who raise their frequency the higher the frequency of the planet will become. It is that simple. If we truly wish to help the planet and our planetary co-inhabitants, then the help must come from within. It is not about going into the world to fix things (if we do, this is not wrong). It is about going inward, changing our energy, which will change our thoughts which will ultimately influence the way we behave. When this occurs, we will go out into the world and show others there’s a new way to live, the way of the heart. When we change, we change the world for in truth we are a part of the world, not separate from it.


There was a fascinating study conducted by Dr Joe Dispenza where 117 test subjects were asked to move into an elevated emotional state for 10 minutes 3 times a day for 4 consecutive days. After 4 days the subjects increased their immunoglobulin a (IgA) levels by 49.5%. (IgA is the body’s primary defense against bacteria and infection) they also reduced their cortisol and adrenaline levels by 42.5% (these hormones are the stress hormones when there in the bloodstream they interrupt our digestion and shut off higher brain function). That’s evidence, in fact there is no pharmaceutical on the market that could change our blood values so radically in such a short amount of time. Another fascinating study was conducted by The Heart Math Institute. There were a total of 40 study participants which were divided into 10 groups of 4. 3 of the 4 people in each group were trained in the practice of heart coherence (the same technique shared above) The 3 trained study participants per group were asked to create heart coherence and when they did the fourth person at the table who did nothing, automatically went into a state of heart coherence. That means when we create heart coherence and raise our frequency, we influence the people around us. What would a world of coherent beings be like? There’s only one way to find out, by doing it!