Meet Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Christine Kjærland

Founder and Manager Of Self-Healing Collective | Energy Healer | Breathwork Facilitator | Artist

Known for her playful, curious, and kindhearted nature, Christine is the founder of this beautiful online community, Self-Healing Collective. She is also the heart behind the art, poems, affirmations and guided meditations on this channel. In her role as a leader and guide, Christine draws upon the wealth of her life experiences, creating a sacred space for others to learn, play, heal, share, and grow. 

Hanne Hafsahl

Co-creator & Manager Of Self-Healing Collective | Artist

Hanne’s general approach to life is that “if there is a will, there is a way”. Her wisdom, compassion, love, strength and resilience is remarkable. Which has come in handy through all the trials and tribulations of the creation and unfoldment of this beautiful online community, Self-Healing Collective.

Frida Ottesen

Video editor | Artist | Social Influencer

Frida is one of the weavers behind the captivating videos you get to experience here at Self-Healing Collective.  As a video editor she is a seamstress stitching together the threads of music, art, poems and affirmations into a tapestry of co-creation for our cherished audience.

Candela Czarnowska

Composer | Music Therapist | Music Producer

Candela Czarnowska is a composer, music therapist, and music producer from Argentina. She is deeply committed to guiding transformational processes through the medium of sound, crafting immersive music for meditation, holding sound ceremonies, and facilitating vocal experiences in natural settings.

    Oleh Horbonosov

    Composer | Music Producer

    Oleh does not just write music – He creates atmospheres, providing a sonic landscape for various genres and directions. His creativity spans compositions for meditation, healing, documentary videos, and cinematic experiences. Oleh uses an unique blend of instruments, vocal and synths to bring the listener on a journey deep within themselves.

    Andres Arias

    Composer | Music Producer

    Monoliro experiments the fusion of ethnic, conventional instruments and electronic sounds, his creator Andres Arias constantly explores diverse territories with the aim of mixing rhythms, songs, sounds and environments that portray landscapes from other latitudes full of light, mystique and life.


      Breathwork Facilitator

      My name is Kamel. With a background rooted in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, I have traveled extensively across Africa, Europe, and South America, immersing myself in diverse cultures and learning from various practitioners and mentors.


      Hannah is the voice behind Self-Healing Collective’s guided meditation and affirmation audios.  Her soft and velvety voice guides and captivates the listener into a calm and transformative space.

      Rohit Bajracharya

      Web Application Developer | WordPress Expert

      Meet Rohit from Nepal! He’s not just a tech guy with over 7 years of experience in WordPress development; he’s also a co-founder of WP Tech Giants. But that’s not all – Rohit’s got a cool side interest in numerology and is a co-founder of Ankalogy.