Mental and Emotional effects of breathwork

by | May 24, 2024

To heal is to feel.

Breathwork is the fastest way into your inner world – and the inner world is very often emotional. Your emotional body is a highly intelligent internal system that decipher vibrations, energy in motion or in other words our experiences. Emotions are neither good nor bad, its information guiding us to navigate this world of diversity with better judgement.

Consider emotions as data, giving you information about your feelings.

We live in a human world where we are programmed and taught to fear, suppress, and avoid our emotions. So we end up storing our emotions instead of allowing them to flow through, creating energetic blockages and trauma in our body.
Energetic blockages may manifest in different ways, such as physical diseases, anxiety, depression, disassociation, overthinking. The list goes on.
The more trauma and blockages someone has, the more they disassociate with their body. This blocks them from living in harmony with themselves, their truth and their authentic nature.

The more stored and suppressed emotions, the more shallow the breathing pattern becomes.
Someone that is living in a trauma body will usually have short, rapid breaths, breathing only into their throat and chest. This is the result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system, as well as disassociation from their body due to discomfort and pain.

Through breathwork we are coming home to our body again. In a conscious connected breathwork session, we mindfully breathe into the lower part of our lungs, and this will again bring energy to the places you are disconnected from. Before we can heal, we must feel. Through breathwork we are moving energy through the body, bringing our emotions to the surface and allowing them to be expressed, in order to transform them. We step out of our overactive mind, and step into our feeling body.

A breathwork session is a safe supportive container where your body is given permission to release everything it longs to release and become free of.
We encourage every authentic expression of energy. Crying, shaking, screaming, laughing, moving, all is welcome.
In a breathwork session it is completely normal to feel intense joy and intense sadness. In other sessions you may feel fear, anger, the pain of loss and abandonment, sorrow, disgust, or grief. And then, as you keep breathing, keep feeling, you move through the emotions, and those emotions will be transformed, become integrated, worked through, and expressed.
And other sessions you may feel lighter emotions, such as joy, contentment, peace or deep connection to something higher than yourself, so intense that it cultivates freedom and deep well-being.

Sometimes you will have a spectrum of both low and high vibrational emotions, all depending on what you need right now to grow and become a more integrated and whole version of yourself. Breathwork has a tendency to bring up all the unfelt, suppressed, stuck emotions, as long as you allow it and surrender to the experience.

Breathwork and the mind

Breathwork also has a profound effect on the mind. During the session you will have the experience of time dissolving into something more fluid and abstract. The usual pattern and limitations of your thoughts also fade away. You cease to think in the forms and structures of your everyday life, and you are given room for valuable and profound insight into yourself, others and life itself. The insight may come as mental images, as epiphanies, or a deep knowing, all which facilitate a transformation and lasting change.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, conscious connected breathwork do not work with the intellect and thoughts.
We work somatic, with the body, allowing feelings and sensations, mental images and higher knowing becoming the container of understanding, healing and transformation. The mind, body, and spirit work together through the power of the breath to do what it does best; to heal, grow and thrive. In a session “you” step out of the way, allowing the natural system of your entire being to work its magic. Through this process, healing yourself through utilizing breathwork is efficient, profound and deep. It’s experienced by the whole of your being.