4-Day Holistic & Intensive Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga Retreat

  • 22nd of February to 25th of February 2024
  • Malaga, Spain
Welcome to our transformative breathwork Retreat! Whether you’re new or experienced, it’s for everyone seeking transformation, growth, inner peace and overall well-being. Join us in this sacred space of self-exploration and healing, and unlock your potential through the power of your breath!

Our retreat program offers a diverse range of experiences, including different modalities of breathwork, mindful nature walks, meditation, yoga, and powerful Kambo ceremonies for purification and healing.

We are experienced facilitators and healers that foster a supportive environment of authenticity, vulnerability, and growth, allowing you to shed layers of conditioning and uncover your authentic self.

The focus throughout this retreat is on reconnecting with the essence of who you are and discovering your true potential. You will learn that you, and your breath are far more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Within you, you already have everything you need to heal, find clarity, purpose and a profound sense of peace. You are the one you have been waiting for! Our aim is to empower you with tools that will serve you well as you continue with your day to day life.

With nourishing vegetarian meals, herbal teas, and a supportive community, you’ll feel safe and held throughout this profound journey. The cacao and rapé/hapé ceremonies honor ancient traditions and provide opportunities for heart-opening and connection.

If you’re seeking a space to explore your inner landscapes, nurture your mind, body, and soul, and create lasting memories in a serene haven of growth, then this retreat is truly meant for you. Embrace this opportunity for personal growth and embark on an unforgettable adventure of self-exploration. We can’t wait to welcome you to this transformative journey!

A sample of the retreat itinerary. The times and activities can change depending on the flow of the retreat.
Day 1: Earth
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Arrival and Light Meal/Snacks
1:00 PM: Welcome Ceremony with Cacao
2:00 PM: Workshop: Journaling
3:30 PM: Breathwork Session

6:00 PM: Integration Time
6:30 PM: Dinner
8:00 PM: Group Sharing Circle with Herbal Teas – End of Day Meditation

Day 2: Fire
7:00 AM: Meditation
8:00 AM: Morning Yoga
9:30 AM: Kambo Ceremony
11:30AM: Brunch
12:00 PM: Rest
3:30 PM: Breathwork Session
5:30 PM: Dinner
7.00 PM: Integrating the Retreat Experience – Learning about different breathwork techniques to use in our day-to-day lives
8:00 PM: Group Sharing Circle with Herbal Teas – End of Day Meditation

Day 3: Air
7:00 AM: Meditation
8:00 AM: Morning Yoga
9:30 AM: Light Breakfast
10:30AM: Silent Nature Walk
12:00 PM: Lunch
2:30 PM: Rapé/Hapé Ritual
3:30 PM: Breathwork session
6:00 PM: Relaxation Time
6:30 PM: Dinner
7:30 PM: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony – Sit around the fire/music/Dance

Day 4: Water
7:00 AM: Meditation
8:00 AM: Morning Yoga
9:00 AM: Ice Bath Experience
10:00 AM: Breathwork
12:00 PM: Lunch/Relax/Goodbyes

Optional Wachuma Ceremony: Day 5 (26th February)
We come together to experience this incredible medicine, Wachuma is the gentle yet powerful masculine teacher plant. This medicine helps purify our heart to unlock a more heart centered way of living.
During the ceremony, we will journey off into the crystal mountains and immerse ourselves fully within nature, we will spend all day out, connecting to ourselves and the Earth. In the evening we will gather and share the medicine of Cacao sing and dive deep into our healing.
Wachuma, also known as San Pedro, is a sacred and ancient plant medicine that has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples in the Andes mountains of South America. He holds a profound place in the spiritual and cultural traditions of the region. Wachuma is known as the Abuelo meaning Grandafather.

Wachuma ceremonies can be described as a voyage of self-discovery and profound introspection. It is as if the spirit of the ancient Andean mountains flows through the veins of the cactus, offering those who partake a glimpse into the mysteries of existence.

Through the medicine you deepen the connection to nature, an enhanced appreciation for beauty, and a profound sense of unity with all living things. The journey is not just a mental exploration but also a somatic experience, deeply healing on all levels.

Wachuma, in its essence, is a key that unlocks the door to the inner realms of consciousness, allowing individuals to confront aspects of themselves and the universe with clarity and compassion. He is a sacred teacher, guiding us on a transformative journey of the soul, bringing self-reflection, healing, and a reconnection to the ancient wisdom.
What this retreat includes:

Price: €175 pp
• 2 night accommodation
• Wachuma Ceremony
• Cacao ceremony
• Airport Drop off
• Lovely vegan meals

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Program Includes

  • RHolistic Breathwork sessions
  • RMorning yoga classes
  • RGuided meditations
  • RWorkshops, talks & specials
  • RCacao Ceremonies
  • RAirport Pick Ups/Drop off
  • RKambo Ceremony
  • RHape Ceremony
  • RSharing / Fire / Music Circles
  • ROptional Wachuma Ceremony (Additional €175pp)
  • R3 Nights in shared Accommodation
  • RHealthy plant-based brunches
  • RHealthy plant-based dinners
  • RUnlimited drinking water from our well
  • RUnlimited organic tea

About the Retreat Center

The Crystal Inn is a holistic retreat center, nestled on a crystal quartz mountain, offering a secluded sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of towns or villages. Owned by a dedicated family with extensive experience in facilitating various retreats, including plant medicine journeys, our center provides a tranquil space for personal growth and transformation.

Our center prioritizes sustainability and eco-consciousness. The shared washrooms/toilets are designed to minimize our ecological footprint, utilizing a fresh water well and a composting pit. We strive to live in harmony with the environment, promoting a sense of interconnectedness with the natural world.

To add to the ambiance of the retreat, we provide a collection of musical instruments for those inclined to express their creativity and embrace the healing power of sound.

Accommodation at our center consists of small shared eco cabins dotted around the property, allowing you to immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings. Each cabin offers a cozy and comfortable space for rest and reflection.


Throughout the retreat, we will provide healthy and nourishing vegetarian meals to support your overall well-being. We will carefully prepare delicious meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a balance of flavours and nutrients.

We understand the importance of dietary needs, and we will accommodate special requests and restrictions. Whether you have specific food allergies, follow a vegan diet, or require gluten-free options, we will ensure that your meals are catered to your individual needs.

In addition to the meals, we will provide herbal teas and water to keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the retreat. Herbal teas will be available in a variety of flavors, offering both a soothing and invigorating experience.


  • RHealthy plant-based brunches
  • RHealthy plant-based dinners
  • R Unlimited drinking water
  • RUnlimited organic tea


Shared Cabin

We offer shared accommodation in cabins dotted around the retreat center. A shared room, in a shared cabin. The price listed is per person.

Our center prioritizes sustainability and eco-consciousness.

The shared washrooms/toilets are designed to minimize our ecological footprint, utilizing a freshwater well and a composting pit. We strive to live in harmony with the environment, promoting a sense of interconnectedness with the natural world.


Christine Kjærland

Christine, the Founder and Manager of the Self-Healing Collective, is a dedicated Breathwork Facilitator, Healer, Social Educator, and Wilderness Therapist.

Hailing from Norway, Christine is known for her playful, curious, and kindhearted nature. Over a decade has been devoted to her journey of healing and personal development. At the age of 19, she embarked on a transformative chapter in South America, immersing herself in the world of magic and plant medicine. Living with various indigenous tribes throughout the continent, Christine absorbed invaluable knowledge and experiences.

Having undergone her own healing journey through diverse modalities, Christine found the courage to establish her own business. Through this venture, she guides and supports others traversing similar paths.

Among Christine’s favorite tools for personal healing is breathwork. Having experienced the profound effects firsthand, she transitioned to a role of leadership, facilitating breathwork sessions to guide others in self-discovery, release, and profound healing.

Before venturing into online communities and breathwork facilitation, Christine spent many years as a social educator, with a primary focus on youth and family constellations. Her therapeutic approach involved counseling and coping pedagogy, utilizing nature and survival skills as primary tools.

In her role as a guide, Christine draws upon the wealth of her life experiences, creating a sacred space for others to learn, play, heal, share, and grow. She eagerly looks forward to the collective journey of discovery and transformation in this shared space.

Matthieu Duffy

For numerous years, Matthieu has been deeply immersed in the realms of spirituality, meditation, and the exploration of mind-altering plant medicines. The most potent and life-altering discovery within this expansive journey has been breathwork.

Matthieu has found certain styles of breathwork to be the key that unlocks profound dives into the subconscious, leading to liberating releases and comprehensive healing—spanning the physical, emotional, and mental spheres. Breathwork, in Matthieu’s experience, has become the catalyst for transformative change, fundamentally reshaping the trajectory of his life. He also runs breathwork sessions, workshops and retreats around the world and assists in Breathwork teacher trainings.

Grounded in a profound belief in the power of service to others, Matthieu sees it as a fundamental human act. His passion lies in creating a sacred space for fellow humans, guiding and supporting them on their healing journey through the powerful influence of breath.

Emmy Morris

Emmy, an adept Yoga Teacher with a profound commitment to holistic well-being, combines her expertise as a Kambo Practitioner, Medicine Woman, Sound Healer, and Reiki Practitioner.

Initiating her journey at the age of 13, Emmy has immersed herself in the teachings of diverse shamans. Her studies have taken her from the Brazilian jungle, where she delved into Hapé Medicine, to the Peruvian jungle, honing her application of Kambo medicine. Plant medicines, particularly Yoga, hold a special place in her heart, bringing immense joy as she shares their transformative power.

Emmy’s exploration extended to the sacred land of India, where she acquired deep insights into the practice of Yoga. Through this discipline, she learned to facilitate the release of trauma through the body’s movement.
At the core of Emmy’s life path is a dedicated service fueled by boundless love. Her tools and medicines, with Yoga at the forefront and Kambo closely following, stand as allies in her mission to uplift and heal those she guides.

Carlos Morris

Carlos Morris, the visionary Founder of The Crystal Inn, is a Shamanic Practitioner whose journey led to the establishment of this transformative space.

The inception of The Crystal Inn marked the commencement of an extraordinary venture, coinciding with the initiation of the first Amazonian Shamanic Medicine journey. Following the inaugural Shamanic Ceremony hosted at the Inn, its continued growth has instilled a profound realization – that as vessels, we channel the divine universal energy of love, facilitating healing and illuminating conscious awareness. Carlos expresses deep humility for the overwhelming support received, recognizing that The Crystal Inn’s achievement is a collective manifestation of every soul that has graciously passed through its doors.

Carlos shares a profound connection with San Pedro (Wachuma) and harbors a rooted affinity for one of the oldest ancestral instruments known to humanity—the drum. In ceremonies, he lends his support with Shamanic drum rhythms, contributing to the sacred and transformative experiences facilitated at The Crystal Inn.

What’s included in the Retreat

  • RShared Accommodation: Comfortable and cozy accommodation throughout the duration of the retreat, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the transformative experience. You will share with one other guest.
  • RAirport Pick-up: Convenient airport pick-up upon your arrival, ensuring a seamless transition to the retreat location.
  • RBreathwork Sessions: Guided breathwork sessions led by experienced facilitators to explore the transformative power of the breath.
  • RCacao Ceremonies: Sacred ceremonies with ceremonial-grade cacao to open the heart and facilitate connection.
  • RRapé/Hapé Rituals: Grounding and cleansing rituals using traditional Amazonian plant medicines.
  • RKambo Ceremony: An opportunity to experience the purifying and transformative effects of the sacred frog medicine.
  • RWorkshops and Classes: Engaging workshops on journaling, mindfulness, and self-expression.
  • RNature Walks: Guided walks in the beautiful surroundings, allowing for connection with nature and inner reflection.
  • RYoga and Meditation: Daily yoga and meditation sessions to nurture the body and cultivate presence.
  • RSharing Circles: Safe and supportive spaces for group sharing and integration of experiences.
  • RHealthy Vegetarian Meals: Nourishing vegetarian meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • RHerbal Teas and Water: Refreshing herbal teas and water to keep participants hydrated throughout the retreat.
  • RIntegration Support: Dedicated time and guidance for integrating experiences and reflections.
  • RExperienced Facilitators: Skilled and compassionate facilitators to guide and support participants throughout the journey.

What’s not included in the Retreat:

  • RFlights: Flights costs are not included
  • ROptional Activities: Any additional activities or services outside of the retreat program are not included.
  • RMedical Expenses: Participants are responsible for any personal medical expenses or insurance coverage.
  • RHolistic jewellery and medicines: If you wish to buy holistic jewellery/crystals and plant/herbal medicines, they can be purchased at the center.
Please note that this is a general list, and if there are any specific inclusions or exclusions unique to the retreat, they will be communicated during the registration and orientation process.

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