Heart Chakra

When the eyes of the heart are opened, the creation is revealed as it really is… The body of divine light. » – Andrew Harvey

The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is Anahata and can be translated into “unstruck”, or the place of the soul. The color of the fourth chakra is green, and the element associated with the heart chakra is air. The Anahata is located right in the center of the chest and it also direct its energy through the hands and thymus gland.

The Heart Chakra holds your energetic and emotional experience of self- acceptance, joy, self-love, compassion, empathy, openness. It is the bridge between thought, emotions and spirituality.



A balanced heart chakra allows us to feel unconditional love towards other beings and our self. This does not mean that we are all giving and self-sacrificial. A balanced heart chakra also means we have the capacity to know when and how to set boundaries in our emotional life. 

Other symptoms of an unbalanced Heart Chakra might be:

–        The feeling of being disconnected from other people

–        In relationships you feel emotionally cold and distant

–        You attract and allow toxic relationships

–        You live through others

–        Afraid of being alone

–        You have a need to please other people

–        You feel it is difficult to forgive and you hold                on to grudges

–        You often feel jealousy towards other people

–        Self-criticism

–        You believe that you are a victim

–        You have a hard time to give and receive love

–        You carry a lot of mistrust in your heart

–        There is a heaviness in your heart

–        High blood pressure, back tensions, heart diseases.

Still unsure if your Heart Chakra needs to be healed and balanced?

Ask yourself these following questions:

–        Am I in a loving relationship with myself and the world           around me?

–        Am I open to give and receive love in a healthy way?

–        Am I criticizing myself and other people a lot?

–        Am I able to see all the love that surrounds me daily?

–        Am I still reliving the traumas in my life and holding on            to it?

–        Am I able to forgive myself for my mistakes?

–        Am I able to forgive the people that has caused me                pain?

Suggestions on how to heal the Heart Chakra


Some people consider this chakra to be the seat of the soul. It is very powerful and gives various favorable circumstances in healing yourself and other people.

Healing the Heart Chakra with color

If you want to heal the heart chakra, wear green and pink. Pick green or pink outfits, paying little mind to whether there is a remarkable occasion or not. Put on pink jewelry and wear green or pink heart chakra stones. Mix and match Peridot, Green Aventurine, Pink Quartz, or Jade. Go out in nature and bathe your sight and soul in all the green surrounding the planet.



Healing the Heart Chakra with Element

The element of the heart chakra is Air. Go outside on a windy day. Find yourself a spot outside where you are relaxed and safe. Spread your arms towards the wind and imagine the wind swiping away all your worries. Ask the wind cleanse you. Imagine that the wind can penetrate your body and take away the burdens of your heart.

Healing the Heart Chakra through sound

Listen: The heart chakra responds very well to the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency and singing-bowls in the F note.

Listen to music that has one, or both of these components for about 20 min a day.

Sing: While meditation sing the vowel “AAAAAAAAAH”

Chant: YAM


Healing Heart Chakra with food

– Green fruits: Kiwi, avocado, lime, green apples, pear, cucumber.

– Green vegetables: Kale, green beans, celery, artichokes, cabbage.

– Herbs and green superfoods


Healing Heart Chakra with mindfulness and meditation

Meditation suggestion:

This meditation connects you with the earth and sky through the element of air.


  • –        Make sure that you are undisturbed for about 20-30 minutes
  • –        Start your meditation by doing a relaxation exercise. We can recommend the one described in the root chakra section 
  • –        Light a candle, preferably green, pink or white.
  • –        Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

When you are ready, close your eyes. Breathe deep and slow. Feel how your lungs are ebbing and flowing with the movement of your breath. Listen to your heartbeat. Notice how your chest is expanding while you are breathing. Now imagine that you are inhaling the full spectrum of wind. Welcome the energy of a bris into your body. Feel it moving around, cleaning all your uncomfortable feelings. Now welcome the energy of a storm. Breath it in through your nose and allow it to take away all of your burdens and heart ache. When you are ready, thank the wind for swiping away the weight in your heart. Feel how light your body and heart are.  

Imagine the heart chakra like a radiating and beautiful lotus flower. Focus your mind on observing the colors that is emanating from your heart lotus. What can you see? Is the flower still a bud, or is it flourishing?

Inhale, exhale. Hold the blueprint of your heart flower. Explore it. Notice the details and smell.

Ask your flower to close its petals when you are done meditating. Say it out loud. Then imagine a circle of beaming green light on top of your heart chakra. Ask this light to protect your heart chakra. Place your hands upon your chest and thank your heart for all the love and compassion that it contains. Open your eyes and blow out the candle.

Exercises that will enhance your self-worth, love and compassion

The mirror exercise:

We invite you to do this exercise every day for about 2 weeks.

Stand in front of the mirror. What do you see at first glance? Do you see someone beautiful and strong? Or do you hear the words and comments from other people and society echoing in your mind? The “I am not good enough as I am” filter. This exercise will help you to listen to your OWN voice again, silencing all the condition lies that you are taught about yourself.

1)     Start by observing your own face. Whatever emotions or thoughts that arises, that is fine. Accept it. Whenever you are ready, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself “I love you”. If this is too much for you today. That is okay, tell yourself out loud “I am sorry that I am not able to love myself today, but I promise with all of my heart that I will learn how. Even if it takes me the rest of my life, I AM completely dedicated in my mission of self-love”

2)     Now scan your own body. Start with your neck, then move on to your chest, arms, stomach and feet. In turn tell each body part “I love you”. Touch that body part like you would caress the face of a lover or stroke the hair of a sleeping child. Whenever you feel resistance or negative emotions and though pattern, accept it. Tell this body part “I am deeply sorry that I am not able to love my… (chest, arm, stomach, toes etc) today, but I promise with all of my heart that I will learn how.”

3)     Finish of this exercise by complimenting one aspect of yourself that you do appreciate today. When you are ready to complete this exercise, tell yourself that “I will with practice, patience and compassion learn how to accept and love myself just the way I AM”. Now smile at your own reflection. Smile that you are finally giving yourself the attention and love that you have been craving for so long.

The diary of self- love

We recommend making it a habit to keep a journal of your process and progress in self- healing.

We invite you to finish of your day by writing a couple of loving words to yourself. Really dig DEEP in that bowl of self- love.

First: One sentence that summarizes what you think you accomplished well today. It does not have to be a complicated affair. Simplicity is key. The main goal is to program you though pattern into recognizing your victories throughout the day.

Second: One word or sentence that summarizes what you liked about yourself today

Extra task: Give one act of random kindness every day. Stay conscious of how much random kindness you eventually receive in return. 

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