Founder and Manager Of Self-Healing Collective | Social Therapist | Breathwork Facilitator | Intuitive Healer | Artist

Known for her playful, curious, and kindhearted nature, Christine is the founder of this beautiful online community, Self-Healing Collective. She is also the heart behind the art, poems, affirmations and guided meditations on this channel.

If she is not on the computer working, creating art, or holding space and guiding others, you will most likely find her on some adventure with her beloved husky, off somewhere holding a breathwork retreat or maybe out in the ocean waiting for a wave.

For over a decade she has been devoted to her own journey of healing and personal development. After having undergone her own life-long process of healing and initiations through different therapeutic modalities and spiritual practices, she transitioned into a role of leadership, guiding and supporting others traversing similar paths.

Among Christine’s favorite tools for healing is breathwork. Having experienced the profound effects firsthand as a participant, she went into training to facilitate breathwork, guiding others through self-discovery, release, and profound healing. She holds regular breathwork and meditation retreats, supporting people on a more personal level.

Christine has also spent 10 years working as a social educator for the Norwegian Government, with a primary focus on youth and family constellations. Her therapeutic approach involved counseling and coping pedagogy, utilizing nature and survival skills as primary tools.

“For the past 12 years of my life I have travelled the world, learning from, working with, and holding space for people from all walks of life, and my love for this planet and humanity is vast.

I have seen within myself and through others that there is nothing that cannot be healed. Everyone has the power to turn their own life around for the better. Everyone has the ability to heal, grow and eventually thrive.

What we are doing now, is collectively coming together to create an individual as well as a mass impact, because whatever we all do on the inside individually, ripples out into the collective consciousness of humanity. Thank you for showing up and doing your part.

I know the path of self-healing is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work… feeling it all…Working through your trauma, the family trauma.. Ending the cycle of abuse… Integrating your pain, shame, sorrow. Learning how to hold space for it all, unlearning, re-parenting yourself, moving through the stickiness and eventually emerging stronger from it. It takes a lot, yet you are doing it.

I see you, brave Soul. You are the change this world has been waiting for. Thank you.