My name is Kamel. With a background rooted in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, I have traveled extensively across Africa, Europe, and South America, immersing myself in diverse cultures and learning from various practitioners and mentors.

My spiritual lineage comes from West Africa, where I learned the way of the spirit and initiated as a P’aqo (Peruvian shaman) by two senior Q’ero P’aqo’s from the Ausangate regions of Peru

With a scientific background studying chemistry, I wanted to explore the science behind the unknown realms of the spirits.

My journey took me to explore the universe within, understanding the functions of the body on a biological level, the mind and the emotions, the energy and its frequencies, and the spirit beyond the physical world.

I have honed my expertise in a range of modalities, learning through the years:

  • Shamanism from the Quechuan tradition through Green Tara College with Dr Owen and Majella
  • Tarot Reading through Green Tara College with Dr Owen and Majella
  • Master in Energy Healing/Reiki through Healing From The Heart with Martha
  • Breathwork through Soma and Pranayama with different mentors
  • Spiritual Coaching through different mentors
  • Life Coaching through Rhodes Wellness College
  • Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy through Daybreak Therapy
  • Guided Meditation through different mentors

I have developed a deep understanding of multi-dimensional awareness, both within myself and in others.

Grateful for the knowledge and gifts I have acquired, I am passionate about using my tools to support and uplift the collective consciousness. I went on a journey from city to city around the world, sharing all my tools and learning more tools to develop my abilities in order to serve the great consciousness.

I am committed to helping individuals unlock their true potential and create their best lives.

I was born and raised in the Ivory Coast, in West Africa.
I have spent the last 6 years traveling through Africa, Europe and South America, where I met various practitioners and learned unique modalities from different mentors.